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It's Not the Answer: TV's Toughest Quiz Show

On each half hour, high volume/low cost studio based programme, three contestants battle it out over four rounds to prove they have superior general knowledge and stake a claim for their place in our Grand Final.

Every question is presented with five possible answers but only one of them is the correct one - the challenge is to answer not just correctly, but quickly because more points are awarded, the more answers remain on-screen.

As our host asks each question a computer-generated, split-screen graphic appears with five possible answers - to remove the wrong answer contestants and viewers listen to our live voice-over artist who prompts the incorrect answers to vanish by saying, "It's Not"

This is an entertaining visual device which guarantees viewers play-along-at-home.

The series works best stripped Monday to Friday and can be staged as a 'knock-out' competition (where the highest twelve scores make it onto a Leader Board and return in play-offs to see who becomes our Champion) or as a rolling, self-contained daily play where each winner leaves a Champion.

Target Audience: 12+
Ratings: 25-45% average share
Since: 2001
Duration: Half-Hour
Broadcaster: RTE (Ireland) & ITV (UK)
USP's: High volume/low cost, engaging gameplay.
Available Kit: Production bible, computer software,producer consultant

It's Not the Answer