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Big Crash: Win money for your memories!

The play-along-at-home, high volume/low cost, studio quiz that gives contestants the chance to 'win money for their memories'!

Each half hour programme is dedicated to a specific, bygone, 'year in question' e.g. 1982

Three contestants compete over three visually engaging rounds (the questions all use archive photos or footage) to correctly answer as many questions as possible based on;

General Knowledge, News, Music, TV, Movies, Sport

Between the rounds each contestant gets the chance to win more money by speculating on the best performing Stock Market Company from the year in question based on a clue presented in the form of a riddle - simple but compelling!

The Contestant who has most money after the three Question Rounds and series of Stock Market Gambles gets to play for even more cash against the clock in a fast- paced, quick-fire End Game - the other two contestants, just like the year in question, are history!

Target Audience: 16+
Duration: Half-Hour
Broadcaster: BBC NI
USP's: High volume/low cost. Nostalgia format with a twist.
Available Kit:
Production bible, tapes, producer consultant.

Big Crash