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Glorious Gardens: Gardening makeover show with Eugene Higgins.

Irish gardening expert Eugene Higgins embarks on a challenging project unique to Northern Ireland - to transform six tired and dull plots into gardens of his dreams in UTV's exciting new TV series, Glorious Gardens.


Each programme features one garden in desperate need of some love and attention.

Eugene first establishes how the folk who use their particular plot will benefit when he turns it from an overgrown garden into an overwhelming one.

Then, for inspiration, he visits a National Trust property where he tours the grounds, investigating plants and features as he goes.

Back at the garden which Eugene is transforming, he explains the process and the stages of recreating the features he has seen.

And at the end of the journey, Eugene hands over the new garden to its owners, returning six months later to see how they've got on.

Glorious Gardens was produced by Deborah Bennett and Directed by Tracie O’Neill.

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Glorious Gardens