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It's a Queer Life for the Straight Guy: 'Man's man' Stevie gets glimpse into gay life

Ultimate 'straight guy' Stevie Ferguson, a 24-year-old from Belfast, accepts the challenge to delve into the gay scene, mixing with people he thinks of as 'poofs', 'woofters', 'queer' and 'perverts'.

"It's a great time to be gay," say some of them, yet homophobia abounds in Northern Ireland and recent homophobic attacks have been widely publicised.

In It's a Queer Life for the Straight Guy,  Stevie examines this contradiction.

Stevie also talks to a sex therapist, meets the parent of a gay teenager, confronts gay snogging in a nightclub, and finds out what the Bible really says about homosexuals.

Visiting both Belfast and Londonderry, Stevie's 'queer life' brings him face to face with homosexuals, transsexuals, drag queens - and his own prejudice.

It's a Queer Life for the Straight Guy